Xcertia will respond to the critical need for a comprehensive effort to develop a framework of principles that will positively affect the trajectory of the mobile health app market. Xcertia’s guidelines will be a trustworthy resource to support consumer and clinician choice of mobile health apps.

Xcertia will incorporate feedback from its members in a consensus-driven process to advance the body of knowledge around the quality of clinical content, usability for both consumers and health care professionals, privacy and security, interoperability and evidence of clinical efficacy.

 Benefits to Stakeholders

Reduce burden on providers/healthcare sponsors

  • Less time evaluating apps
  • Confidence in effectiveness

Give consumers confidence

  • Apps are vetted to ensure they adhere to Privacy and Security guidelines
  • Apps are vetted to ensure they are functional, operable and usable.

Help app developers

  • Bring better mobile health apps to market faster
  • No re-inventing the wheel and ensuring apps meet the industry-wide accepted guidelines