Healthcare, Technology Sector Leaders Team Up on Mobile Health Solutions

CTA, Xcertia announce new partnership to address accuracy, security and usability of health devices and apps


Arlington, VA, May 7, 2018 – Today, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and Xcertia announced a new partnership to collaborate on mobile health (mHealth) solutions guidelines – addressing key topics such as accuracy, transparency, privacy, security, regulatory compliance, interoperability and end-user experience. The agreement will leverage CTA’s technical expertise on mHealth and Xcertia’s established and industry-developed clinical and design guidelines for mHealth apps to create a blueprint for developing and evaluating effective mobile solutions in the future.


“We’re excited to partner with Xcertia to grow our expanding portfolio of health, fitness and wellness standards and address specific challenges for mobile health solutions,” said Brian Markwalter, SVP, research and standards, CTA. “U.S. sales of health and fitness devices – including wearables, hearables and sports tech – will approach 50 million units this year. And with the subsequent increase in health data these devices provide, our work with Xcertia is a critical step in addressing the availability, transparency and reliability of that data.”


“The agreement with CTA is an important step in finally bringing some order to the mobile health app market of over 350,000-and-growing apps and the relationship between apps and the devices they interface with. By developing guidelines and standards for mHealth solutions that draw upon the unique expertise of our respective organizations, we believe that the end result will be the emergence of digital solutions with a higher level of trust and confidence for both consumers and healthcare professionals,” said Michael Hodgkins, MD, Chairman, Xcertia.


The collaboration between CTA and Xcertia represents how cross-functional organizations can come together to leverage their combined expertise in an effort to advance the potential mobile health solutions can have in healthcare. Xcertia experts began their work with CTA’s Health, Fitness and Wellness Standards Subcommittee (R6.4) at CTA’s recent Technology and Standards Spring Forum.


CTA has published a robust set of Health, Fitness and Wellness Standards, creating industry testing protocols, accuracy thresholds and data availability minimums for biometric conditions such as step counting, heart rate and sleep monitoring. For additional information about the mobile health solutions framework or CTA’s Health, Fitness and Wellness Standards effort, contact standards@CTA.tech.


Xcertia publishes annually the Xcertia Guidelines, a set of app design guidelines that help ensure accuracy, content, security and privacy within a context of appropriate user experience for application programmers and organizations looking to validate applications for use. For more information, contact information@xcertia.org.


CTA’s latest biannual U.S. Consumer Technology Sales and Forecasts report projects the total health, fitness and sports tech market will reach sales of 49.3 million units in 2018, a four percent increase from 2017; and earn $6.4 billion, a one percent year-over-year increase.


About Consumer Technology Association:

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM is the trade association representing the $351 billion U.S. consumer technology industry, which supports more than 15 million U.S. jobs. More than 2,200 companies – 80 percent are small businesses and startups; others are among the world’s best known brands – enjoy the benefits of CTA membership including policy advocacy, market research, technical education, industry promotion, standards development and the fostering of business and strategic relationships. CTA also owns and produces CES® – the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Profits from CES are reinvested into CTA’s industry services.


About Xcertia:

Xcertia is a joint mHealth app collaborative effort pioneered by the American Medical Association (AMA), American Heart Association (AHA), DHX Group and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). The collaboration continues to build on each organization’s ongoing efforts to foster safe, effective, and reputable health technologies. Our combined expertise, along with a diverse membership, leverages the insights of clinicians, patients, government agencies and industry experts to improve patient care. For more information, please visit us at xcertia.org.

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Xcertia Announces New Board Members

September 13, 2017

CHICAGO – Xcertia, an organization that supports the collaborative development of industry guidelines for safe and effective mobile health applications (apps), announced four newly appointed members to its Board of Directors drawn from organizations that are some of health care’s biggest movers and shakers.

The new members of the Xcertia Board of Directors include:

  • Kaveh Safavi, M.D., J.D., senior managing director, health industry, Accenture
  • Morgan Reed, president, ACT | The App Association
  • Steve Ommen, M.D., associate dean and medical director of connected care, Mayo Clinic
  • Joseph Kvedar, M.D., vice president, connected health, Partners HealthCare

The four new directors join a board that includes four directors, each representing one of Xcertia’s founding organizations: American Heart Association (AHA), American Medical Association (AMA), DHX Group and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

The directors representing Xcertia’s founding organizations include:

  • Meighan Girgus, chief marketing & programs officer, AHA
  • Michael Hodgkins, M.D., chair, Xcertia, and vice president & chief medical information officer, AMA
  • David Vinson, vice president, Xcertia, and founder and chairman, DHX Group
  • Carla Smith, treasurer, Xcertia, and executive vice president, HIMSS

“Xcertia is fortunate to have a diverse, influential and highly motivated core group of individuals representing and guiding our collaborative effort to develop best practices aimed at promoting safe, effective and reputable mobile health apps,” said Dr. Hodgkins, chair of the Xcertia Board of Directors. “We look forward to the contributions from our new directors as Xcertia continues to grow and prepares to introduce a trusted set of guidelines for the industry.”

The eight current directors will work together on appointments to fill the remaining board seats. When fully appointed, the Xcertia Board of Directors will have 15 members.

Established in December 2016, Xcertia responds to the critical need for a comprehensive effort to develop a framework of principles to promote safe and effective mobile health apps and positively affect the trajectory of the mobile health app market. Xcertia has started the guideline development process and is focused on topics such as privacy, security, usability, content and adaptability to clinical practice with the goal of being a trustworthy resource to support consumer and clinician choice of mobile health apps.

Xcertia’s governing board is committed to broad representation from consumers, developers, payers, clinicians, academia and others with an interest in the development of guidelines for mobile health apps. To join the diverse and expanding list of member organizations, visit xcertia.org for more details.

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