Whether you are a multinational pharmaceutical or a mHealth app developer, it is our belief that everyone has a voice in shaping the digital health landscape and more specifically the mHealth evolution.   Join the Xcertia Collaborative and together let’s transform and mobilize digital health for consumers, patients and providers.

Membership Benefits

  • Annual Access to the Xcertia Guidelines Document (Electronic Format)
  • Promotion/Awareness
    • Presence on Xcertia and partner market facing materials, website, etc.
    • Potential involvement and participation with Xcertia and partner driven events, symposia, conferences, webinars, etc.
    • Right to use the Xcertia name and logo in your market facing efforts
  • Collaboration/Guideline Development
    • Opportunities to participate in various work groups
    • Opportunities to chair various work groups
  • Education
    • Access to Xcertia and partner educational forums and workshops
    • Opportunities to speak at various Xcertia and partner educational programs

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